Monday, May 10, 2010

What reason made you an Otaku?

I found an interesting entry over at Sankaku Complex about this called "Top 10 Reasons for Becoming an Otaku".

It seems this was only sent to High Schoolers and it seemed to be mostly girls that responded. Not sure how this survey was sent out, but did show some interesting statistics. Sine this was mostly girls, they noted this may be more likely fujoshi (yoai fandom) than actual otaku.

Here were their results:
1. Manga (26%)
2. Anime (17%)
3. Friends (16%)
4. Games (8%)
5. Siblings (8%)
6. Boys Love (3%)
7. Novels (3%)
8. Seiyuu (2%)
9. Movies (2%)
10. Mobile Internet (2%)
I decide to jump on the band wagon myself and post my own Survey. You can check it out on the right side near the top. If I have left anything out, let me know and I will add it.
Update: I will note that for me it was Anime as I got hooked when I saw Robotech.

What first began your road to Otakudom?


  1. Well my journey to Otakudom began with anime. The first series that I have ever seen was Tenchi Muyo, so I guess you could say that what got me into the genre in the first place.

  2. Hahaha friends, lol my friendsd frowned on my hobby. It was all about seeing anime as a child and thinking it was AMAZING, Sailor Moon was my first series and I was OBSESSED with it in 5th grade. It was beautiful, mature (compared to US cartoons for kids), and the fight scenes were great.

  3. @ Andrew ~ mine was anime 2. I guess i can say it may be as early as Speed Racer too

    @ lovelyduckie ~ not really many friends of mine got this stuff. It was not until art college that I found like minded people.

  4. It's lacking "Books", I think it should at least have "Other" ;)

  5. Well, your poll lacks novels... assuming they don't mean "Light Novels" :D


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