Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Family Portrait

A while ago I found a cool figure called Daniel and it really fit my personality. I have had this for a couple years and even had it on my computer at work. There was even a figure similar to mine that was purple and name "Alain". Believe it or not, a co-worker of mine was named Alain. When I got the set in, I gave him the figure. Not sure if he thought I was weird, but he still accepted it. These were from the collection produced by Kidrobot Debilz by Mist.

I have been trying to get a match for my wife and son over the last couple weeks. I finally came across something that I thought matched my wife. I found a cute Melissa Seraphy Figure that was all in black. It reminder me of her as she loves the movie "A Nightmare before Christmas".

Now for my son, that was a bit more easier and harder at the same time. What figure would look good as him and actually be in proportion to our figures. I was happy to say that a series I have gotten for my son worked great. I had gotten a box of mystery box figures from the series Dragon Quest - Monster Gallery.

In combining these all together, we get our lovely family. Lets take a close look at the family album.


Dad & Mom get Together

Fruits of our Love > Our Son

Family Portrait

Sorry Son, you were out of focus in that shot


  1. haha that is so awesome! really cool idea, I should try something like this, at the very least I gotta show my son when in the morning XD

  2. Haha turned into figure family !
    nice idea =)

  3. Excellent family portrait and I'm sure dad is not the devil in the familly right?Lol!

  4. @ everyone ~ it was a blast to come up with this. My son however, has taken back his figure - LOL

  5. lol thats awesome. The Mom figure is very kawaii!!

  6. Now that's what I call a happy family!!!!

  7. Oh the Dragon Quest - Monster Gallery figures look so good! Cute one your son has chosen for his avatar.

  8. I love the mom. Very cute! It's a really fitting family. ^ ^


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