Friday, June 11, 2010

Figure Review: O-No Sushi (Red) - Part II

I told you I had a surprise when I posted last week about O-No Sushi (Red) - Part I. This week you get the final show. I had stopped at a place in Hagerstown called Nikko Japanese Steak & Seafood over on Wesel Blvd. I wanted to get some sushi for these pictures and we happen to be in the area and checked them out. We did not stay long as we got it to go, but my son had a blast watching them make it. They even let him hold a display samurai sword, not the katana, but the smaller one (can't remember the name right now).

When we got home, my son wanted the crab sushi I got, so I told him it was fine. Little did I realize, he grabbed the whole plate. I was able to rescue the rest of the sushi for the photos.

After I took the shots of the "plastic" food, I brought in the real stuff to begin my series. I want to thank my wife for taking the shots of me eating the sushi. I have added some commentary with each picture to add a bit of fun.

"Where the hell did all this come from?"

"No way that is who I think it is?"

"Crap, that's my friend Bob!"

"What the hell is this now?"

"Holy Crap, that's Bob and my tentacle too!"

"WTF, he's going to dip Bob in that brown sauce?"

"BOB'S GONE and now he is going to eat me!"

"Oh wait, he put it down for something else"

"Why the hell is he torturing me like this"

" I hope you choke on that you damn Cannibal"


  1. Haha those eyes, looks like he wants the whole thing XD

  2. That was just hilarious!!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. I bought one, I couldn't resist. I love sushi too much to pass it up. I went for red as well.

  4. Hey the photos turn out to be AWESOME and the comic is cute too! LOL

  5. Hahaha, this is awesome! mmm...sushi...

  6. Well - simply put - one tasty post.


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