Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gundam Fix Figuration 0035 Shin Musha Gundam Action Figure

Here is another one of my June Hauls all exposed and on the shelf. It is my second Gundam Fix Figuration that I now own and have on display. I was really excited to get this from HobbyLink Japan. That ended up turning to disappointment upon opening the package.

Now this is in no way the fault of HLJ. The boxes arrived in excellent condition and the figure was still wrapped like it came from the factory. You will see shots later of the damaged areas. I think I just got one of those that got past the QA group O_o

Still overall, I love this figure and wish I could of been able to use the other set of armor. That's right, it comes with a second set of interchangeable armor for this Gundam. Due to the issue with the left shoulder, I decided not to use the other set :(

He comes with 4 weapons which is also cool. You can pose him using any of the weapons as you have 9 additional hand variations. When he is not using the weapons, he has the ability to carry 3 of them on his back plate (except mine as you will see). The details in the armor are out of this world as with all the Fix series Gundams. I love period styles and this lives up to the Feudal Period Samurai outfit. I may have to invest in more from this series.

Here are the issues I had with the figure. I had a cracked left shoulder joint. I was able to fix with some Super Glue, but was never as tight as his right shoulder. It kept falling out when I was trying to pose him. The other issue was one of the holes that supported one of his weapons was over drilled. There was another back weapons support part, but the middle hole was under drilled - WTF!

Now that this is out of the way, lets get a look at my shots.

4 Revolving Poses

The Rest of the Fun Shots

Have you had any issues with your Gundam Fix Figuration figures?


  1. Egh, Fix Figuration. I dunno, they're pricing and presentation suggest it's a high quality figure, but I always have trouble with these. Got a lot of them in the past, and they also had messed up joints and loose parts. After a while I just gave up on 'em. Might as well get gunpla if you're going to shell out and make it yourself; those generally maintain constant quality.

    So what's the Musha's other set of armor? How does it look different?

  2. The second set of armor is more traditional than the one shown in these shots. You can see it in the 3rd pic.

  3. Damn that is a sweet fig. Its a shame about the errors. But it is a VERY nice looking fig none the less.

  4. Ah its a shame it had all those errors. Looks i'll be sticking to gunpla still.

  5. Thats a nice dam nice gundam fig.
    actually how many do you have O.o

  6. DUDE contact hlj! I had gotten a broken petit nendoroid that was clearly the fault of GSC through hlj, and they got me another from the company at no charge to me. They helped me so much over such a small item that I'm sure they'll help you. Don't settle for a broken figure. All it takes is one casual e-mail with a picture.

  7. Shin Musha Gundam is unique Samurai Gundam and since we are paying a high price of GFF, we would expect a better QC standard. I don't have this but so far, my GFF came in mint condition. GFF has more detail compared to MSIA but like most Gundam toy figure, they lack the articulation. Some complaints heard about is that the armour fall off easily when you move the joint. To me, I just like the toy and appreciated that till today, we get to buy Gundam toy figurine with new toyline like GFF, GFF metal composite & Damashii Gundam.

  8. @Metal Head Bard ~ I love the samurai look

    @chubbybots ~ Still holds up nice in the stand

    @Fabrice ~ I have 2 GFF figures so fair, not sure what others I may get.

    @lovelyduckie ~ I will see what they say when I contact them. I usually take the easy road on these things as it sometimes consumes so much time sending emails back and forth.

    @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ The armor did give me some grief on some of the parts. The left leg armor kept falling off while I posed it at times

  9. WTH? Th... tho.. those... cracks. In a GFF?! O_O

    The only GFF I have is the Crossbone X2, up till now still in good condition, even if its articulation is on the ancient side... Weapon-wise, its just fantastic.

  10. @ bd77 ~ I was surprised to that this happened on a GFF and the variety of weapons are great

  11. Nice, sucks about the shoulder joint but it looks good overall. I may get one after I graduate in December.

  12. I've had some quality issues with the fix figuration series as well. I got the #0012 RX-178 Gundam MK II, and believe it or not, one of the legs is actually longer than the other. So now when I have to stand it up, I have to slightly bend the right leg so he isn't lopsided.

    For the price, I find it kind of ridiculous that stuff like this happens.


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