Saturday, August 14, 2010

August Haul & Back To School Supplies

My wife is back from training and we should be getting back to a normal schedule now > I hope!

I did get my box in from ABCTOY4ME and everything arrived safe and sound. I had to pick it up from the local UPS terminal as I will never be home to get it. This is one reason I am happy to work later in the day.

It was funny because I had my son with me and he thought I got a box of Ramune soda and was excited. I told him it was figures and he was still excited. I told him "No figures for you!" and he was no longer excited - LOL.

You got a case of Ramune Drinks??

I did however get something for my wife who is a HUGE Fruits Basket fan. As for me, I got the 3 R-Style figures of Yoko & Nia as well as Dark Brigade Asuka. If anyone has and is willing to sell Dark Brigade Rei, PLEASE let me know!

I got TOYS!         
For us in the US, it is the beginnings of getting our kids back to school. It is no fun as you have to fight with other parents on getting supplies while you check over a list of needed supplies from each school. 

I got lucky however as Borders stores has some school supplies at cheap prices. Like pencil holders for $0.98, 5 pack of pencils or colored pens for $0.98, pencil sharpeners for $0.98, 6" rulers for $0.75 and single notebooks for $1.98. But why the hell would I get my school supplies from a book store?



That right, all the stuff above can be found with one of the following series:

  • Bleach!
  • Naruto
  • Fruits Basket
  • One Piece
  • Soul Eater
  • Negima!
Cool Stuff!

 Sorry for sucky photos on these as I took them with my camera phone :(

Have you gotten anythihg cool for yourself or your kids for back to school supplies?


  1. Ha thats awesome. I wish I had anime school supplies as a kid. lol

    I used to have a Borders about 5 minutes from my house until it shut down a year ago. They had a HUGE manga section and all sorts of cool anime merchandise. I was so mad when they closed down. Now the closest Borders is like 30 minutes away. Lame...

  2. Your kiddo will have the coolest stationery in class. All those anime related stationery dad had chosen! More like your stationery case. Lol

  3. Nice school supplies, I might just have to get some for me!!!!!

  4. you have my respect! xD hahahaha, I never really use anime school supplies since i am always so embarrass to do it =_=;

  5. Haha old days with school ^^;;
    lol being mean to your son huh. lol

  6. Although the pencils are awesome because they're anime I HAVE to use mechanical pencils. Ever since I first got one around 4th grade I haven't been able to go back to regular pencils since!

  7. @Seantaku ~ We had one shut down on us down the street in Florida as well. At least this on in MD is close by

    @Dennis Aka Katsuden ~ He has a Naruto Pencil case, should be the hit of the class

    @Andrew L Budney ~ at that price why not!

    @otakuartist ~ He doesn't care, he likes that stuff as well

    @Fabrice Requin ~ sometimes you just have to do that to keep them in line

    @lovelyduckie ~ no mechanical yet as I am sure he will pull all the lead out

  8. Anime school supplies! Your kid must be super excited to go to school with them. I want those Naruto pencils.

  9. I take it your children like anime, lol? Because if they don't....


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