Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Transformer that was really a Robotech (Jetfire)

I took pictures of this a while ago and now just got around to get some of them posted. I will start off in Fighter Mode, then to Gerwalker Mode and finally Battroid Mode.

Preview of the 3 Modes

I actually got this off a toy shelf at a store called Best when it first hit. I actually got one at a cheaper price because they marked it wrong. If I remember correctly, it was $17.99 USD. I was with my mom and had begun opening the box after I got it while she was shopping. This is the only Transformer I have kept as I sold my collection years ago. I could not part with this for any reason!

I loved all the extras you could add to the figure at the time. At the time, I had no idea of its link to Robotech / Macross. I even kept the instructions, collector card with specs and the red plastic decoder sheet.

As it is from 1984, it has some little condition issues even with me keeping it out of the sunlight and stuff. There is the infamous "yellowing" of some of the parts. The hands do ahve some issues getting in and out from the forearm. The only other issue is the front wheels sometimes are not very stable and drop the nose (poor spring).

As for the reason this is so sought after was the fact it was actually made by BanDai and not Hasbro/Mattel. You can see in the picture below it was copyright by Bandai in 1984, Made in Japan & has the Bandai logo - YEAH!

Now lets move on to the picture show. Here are some shots of the Jetfire Transformer without all the extras.

Here are the shots with the added armor that make it even sweeter to own.

What happening to my Fighter Jet Mode -
what is it doing???

This is the little used Mode called Gerwalker. It is the mode between Fighter and Battloid. It has some limited flight and is primarily for Ground Based assualts (GearHead Wiki).

Now for the final configuration, Battloid Mode. This is how I have him currently in my showcase and have told my son that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can he play with him!

I still have no ideas why some parts turned yellowish while others remained their whitest white.


  1. wHAt!!! omg you kept this!! Man this is such a nostalgic post. I'll definitely keep this away from all kids haha!

  2. That's pretty cool that you still have that. I went through a stupid phase as a teenager and got rid of all my toys from my childhood. I wish I still had some of my stuff now.

  3. Thats awesome! Can I have it...? ;-) I kid...

  4. @chubbybots ~ I had to keep it in the case or he will

    @Persocom ~ I really wish I kept the other stuff for my son now, but I am glad I did at least keep this

    @Seantaku ~ ummmm - NO! MINE!!!! hahahaha

  5. G1 Jetfire has always been my number one TF toy cos it's simply Macross. Ha! Ha! The condition is still mint to me and like yours, most of my vintage 1/55 valkyries have their chest plate yellowed first.

  6. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I don't get that at all. Why some yellow and others are fine. I guess it is the parts manufacturer or something

  7. Three modes with one thing. That
    s really cool.

  8. @Yi ~ It was the coolest toy I had for a longest time and now everyone know why :)

  9. Hey man, i have one to.. how ever mine isnt in the shape yours is, mine is a little more played with. I didn't even know i had anything special. To tell you the truth iv had it forever and didn't even know What the trancformer's name was... Saddly i will probably end up just getting rid off it.

  10. @CJ83 ~ it is a little known fact about this Transformer and I am glad it is the one I kept from my collection.


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