Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Pick a Cosplay to Showcase here!

I have added a new Poll to my site (please look to your right). (all over) I have plans for one coming out this week to showcase Sheryl Nome from Macross. Here is a hint of the fun you will have later this week:

Now with that said, go to the Polling Place and let me know your choices. I have left it open to pick as many as you want so you don't have to sweat over which one. It seems these type of posts REALLY draw in the crowd, so might as well get them up and running again.

The Poll is open for one week so I can make sure I have time to get the next one up. If you have a particular character in mind, let me know as well.

btw: Anyone who Cosplays and wants to be showcased, please send me an email ~ I would love to post your story and pics here!

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