Saturday, December 25, 2010


We wish everyone a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!

We actually celebrate Yule which is on the Winter Solstice and had a blast opening the gifts. My son got something from Japan as he is always upset that I only get something. He got a Dialga Mega Block figure.I am not sure what's up with him, but he didn't smile for the camera. I guess he wanted to get back to the unwrapping and more presents.

It took him a couple days to put together as he was building it after school. Have to say they are not as sturdy as Lego's, but that didn't matter to him. He was so proud that he got it all together, but I wondered why on little blue piece was left over??

As for me, well I did take a picture of my stuff, but somehow lost the pictures while I was reviewing them. If I had a picture, this is what you would of seen:
  • Apple Creative Illustration Volume 4 book
  • Girl, Illustrated: Japanese Manga, Anime and Video Game Characters book
  • Afterglow Wii Remote & Nunchuk Game Controller (Blue Lighted - so cool)
  • Baltimore Raven's Shirt
  • Foxs Sports NFL Robot for Baltimore Ravens
That's it for me, have to get ready and Drive down to visit my Mom and Brother's Family to exchange gifts today. For all those traveling like us, stay safe out there.

Here is hoping that you get everything you wished for and more :)


  1. He is smiling in that least compared to most pictures he takes!! You should post last years school picture for comparison!

  2. That's cool looking, it's a shame it's not as sturdy as LEGO. I actually got necklaces from everyone closest to me this year. Perfect gifts, I love necklaces and am almost always wearing one.

  3. @lovelyduckie ~ my wife made a necklace and earrings for my Mom this year. She does that as a side job and really has fun with it.


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