Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day 2011

In the United States, today we are celebrating Memorial Day. It is the day that we honor those that were in the Armed Forces and have died defending our country.

It is a time to reflect on those that have given everything they had so we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today. Some people place flags and flowers on the graves of the departed soldiers, while others plan picnics and enjoy the time with the family.

This is also looked at as the official start of Summer.

This is kind of a military post, so I saved it for today to honor those who served in the Universal Century War.

Over at ANN this week, I found an interesting Gundam post.  It was for a Char Zaku inspired scooter for sale (MS-06S Zaku II). I am not sure, but really can't see myself on a pink scooter even with the cool design.

This started over at Yahoo Auctions for 110,000 yen ($1360 USD) and finally sold for 239,000 yen ($2955 USD). Overall, to me, this was a steal of a deal and I hope the new owner has a blast with all the attention they will get.

I wonder if they will build a RX-78-2 Scooter and go to battle in the streets?


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