Friday, June 10, 2011

Cosplay: MSYU from [C]

Lets grab a cosplay from a new anime that was released in Japan for this season. It is called [C]: Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility (wiki) or just plan [C].

Now you may think this is just hype, but I am actually enjoying the series. It has a mix of reality and unreality that actually starts becoming combined into one reality. I guess it may be confusing, but you will know what I mean after watching it.

I am doing this weeks on a character called MYSU which is the 'Asset' of Kimimaro Yoga in this series. I like her character as she may look like a Gothic Lolita Demon, but is quite innocent - well not really, but still really cute.

Well, you are not here to read my banter, so lets get to the lovely ladies that took the time to cosplay her.


  1. I didn't watch the anime and the reality and unreality part does seems confusing. Ha! Ha! It turns out well when I saw those cosplaying.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ It was not on my watch list originally, but after some reviews, took a dive into it - not bad actually

  3. [C] seems to be getting a lot of talk recently. It's too bad I don't quite have the time to watch it.

    Anyway, very pretty cosplays of her. I like the last one especially. ^ ^

  4. @Yi ~ I was not certain it would be something for me, but I really ended up enjoying it

  5. Loved the anime, love the cosplays

  6. @Hysvear ~ thanks for the comment! I actually got caught up late in the series, but glad I did.

  7. Wow, boy did I miss this one. Found it through the You Might Also Like at the bottom of the latest cosplay post and I'm glad I did! I think I personally like Uchiko and nitary the best out of these, though they're all lovely, wish there were more of them :P

    1. I recently added that and it is nice to see that you used it :D

      It was hard finding many that cosplayed anyone from C, but the ones I did, completed the cosplay great.


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