Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011 Advice

WELCOME EVERYONE to Comic Con 2011 (SDCC 2011)

This is my web report for all you readers of the web site: “2 Old 4 Anime”.

I am DC Rushton, your “Priest of Tao”, my Cosplay name as I am called here at the Con. Let this nine year veteran, “Professional Comic Con Conventioneer”, in this article will pass on some advice, facts, and tips on how to get the most out of your Comic Con experience.

The first San Diego Comic Con, or as it was called then, San Diego Golden State Comic Con, was held on August 3rd, 1970, in the basement of San Diego’s U.S. Grant Hotel. It was the brain child of Shel Dorf, and a small group of like mind people. 300 attendees came to that event. Moving from place to place as it grew, on July 4th, 1991 the Comic Con came to where it is now, the San Diego Convention Center. Who would think that that first Comic Con from a mere 300 attendees to now as of 2010, you had 125,000 over its 4 day run.

It is an entire UNIVERSE within the Con. The enormity of that universe, visiting each and every booth, panel discussion, exhibit, can overwhelm ever the most seasoned veteran conventioneer. Even myself! (I am 57 years old disabled Veteran of Viet Nam) My first couple of Cons I thought of it in a military operation mind set. AND it served me well to this day! And so, let us begin….


1. REGISTRATION: You have to start a year early. Everything is “online”, so bookmark on your computer the Con’s web-site: (www.comic-con.org). Be ready for the day when Attendees registration opens. Are you a “Professional”? (the Comic Con gave me “Professional Status” because I am a science fiction freelance writer) Do you want to “Volunteer (http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci_vol.php)”? (I did in 2007 and had a blast) 3 hours of volunteering to help out at the Con the rest of the day is yours! If you are already at the Con, do your registration for the NEXT year’s Con right then and there. (Credit Cards ONLY! No cash or checks)

2. COMFORTABLE SHOES!: You are going to be doing a lot of walking in the Comic Con Universe! Choose your footwear carefully people. How the Klingon Cosplayers can suffer in their BOOTS for 4 days is beyond me. (is that why the Klingons look so MEAN?). My “Priest of Tao” Cosplay Costume are actually modified bedroom slippers!

3. COSPLAY COSTUMES: July and August are the hottest months here in San Diego with cool morning. Plan for it when you design your costume for the Con. My costume is a simple kimono made of 150 thread count bed sheet. Kept me cool inside the Con as well as outside the Con having a smoke break / Photo shoot! (One wearing a GREAT costume, you get use to it!) It’s the LAYERS of material that makes the costume hot.

4. COSTUME WEAPONS: “NO FUNCTIONAL WEAPONS”. All costume weapons must be inspected at the Security Station. For more details, check the website.

5. COSTUME REPAIR KIT: A must for the “SMART COSPLAYER”! I’ve got proper needle, thread, thread glue, tape, all sizes of safety pins, and wide shoes strings. TWICE I’ve come to the aid of Lady Cosplayers having, “Costume Malfunctions”. Glad always to help out a Brother or Sister Cosplayer!

6. THE CONVENTION BAG: “Mobility”! That is the key here. You want to be free and mobile as travel through the Con. Lay out these items you need in your bag, and then find the bag that fits your needs. Mine is a caster, tow behind you, sling over shoulder design. (MK-2) It even has a “Coffee Cup Holder” You will be going up and down escalators in the convention center. Always sling your bag over your shoulder on them, and going through crowds.

7. WATER BOTTLES: Stay hydrated! It gets hot! There are water fountains about to refill it. Bottled water is on sale. (BUT THY SHALL PAY DEARLY) So I am CHEAP! I even bring “Powder Drink Mix”! (Calif. Water is BLA….) I allow myself a morning coffee, and several sodas during the day.

8. BROWN BAG LUNCH / SNACKS: Remember… “LONG LINES”. All the concessions are down stairs and you don’t want to lose your place in line

9. CAMERA: A must with spare Memory Card. (Charge the night before)

10. SKETCH PADS/AUTOGRAPHS: Know an Artist or Author? Head to the Con’s Artist Alley and the Autograph Area.

11. TIE ON POSTER TUBE: If your like me you need a little “Art Work” around the place. (My bedroom needs it so badly) and Tubes at the Con COST!

12. Allow room for “Things you buy, Con Program Guide, and Freebies.

13. MONEY: Long lines again friends. Get yea cash ahead of time!

14. CELL PHONE/COMM. UNIT: No PA at the Con. Even I enter the High Tech World. Friend called and said: “Meet me at over price food court.” E-Z hook up!

Now your READY for the San Diego Comic Con. Let us leave this sad world of REALITY, and explore the UNIVERSE that is Comic Con, and the MANY WORLDS WITHIN IT!


  1. All this time I thought that funny looking man with the ying yang costume was some odd character you liked... only now do I realize... it's actually YOU!!!

  2. Yep, that's DC Rushton's actually picture on each post. He is my guest writer from the West Coast.


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