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As a Cosplayer who began Cosplaying all on his own, I research all I could find on the subject. In the Net one day on one of my “Late Night DEEP Dive”, I found “Cosplay Videos” in “U-tube”. I have NEVER seen any Cosplay Videos before. I was amazed by just how many there were. By chance the first one I dived into was: “COSPLAY COMPILATION ADDITION FOOTAGE #6”. The FULL CAPS in the title made me choose it I guess. When I view it, I WAS CAPATIVATED BY IT.
This Cosplay Video is in this Cosplayer opinion, THEE DEFINITIVE”, Cosplay Video. If there was a “Cosplay Primer”, this would be IT! What I look for in a Cosplay Video first of all is the music. Now I am NOT a fan of the music of this times music. (about the only few of late is “Deathlock” and “Master Plan”: “Spirit Never Dies” ANIME AMV! Watch It!) But Chris Brown’s, “Yeah X 3”, HIT THEE MARK for this Cosplay’s FEELING. The words fit perfectly! It “Conveys” to the viewer what Cosplay truly is!

The “Camera” work of this video is beyond what I thought could be possible. The “Walk About Video Camera”, ( I’ve called 6 places to find out the PROPER term for it and CAN’T. Please do a “Drop Note” and tell me) , transitions are smooth and flawless. Each Cosplay subject is showed with excellent framing and angles. The locations for each Cosplayer were well thought out. And with SO MANY CONS covered…. Gave me a few ideas for Cons to attend within DRIVING RANGE. (LA Area)
The Costumes I was were dreams that became REALITY! The attention to detail and professional seamstress work is one you would expect in a film production. I was taken to the “French Hoopskirt” of a “Marie Andante“ to a “Plug Suite” of a “EVA Pilot”, from the future, and back again to a “British Red Coat” of the ‘Revolution War”!
I was even “amused slightly”, by the two, shall we say, Cosplay “FAILED”. You will know the two, and we shall leave it at that.

I show this video to my family and friends. The Doctor Who Cosplay of “WEEPING ANGELS”, BLEW ME AWAY, and caught the eye of my Doctor Who fan friend. The video 2.5 seconds of them passing them put the fear in my brain for the same time span. (WEEPING ANGELS! DON’T LOOK AWAY!) This is one of those Cosplay Video that one can watch time, and , time again, and find something one missed. It has inspired this Cosplayer to as my Son would say: “Step Up Your Cosplayer Game!”. We have a wonder Japanese Friendship Garden here in San Diego Ca., Balboa Park. I have NEVER BEEN THERE. I will be “Scouting” photo shot and permission to have pictures of me in Full “Priest of Tao” Cosplay Costume taken there.

Enjoy the video below my Cosplayer Friends, and Readers.

Once you have watch it. I am sure you to will…

“Put Your Hands In The Air!”


  1. That waw such a fan watch. Cosplays are amazing! I really enjoy Acklson's videos.

  2. @Cairdiuil ~ I enjoyed this as well and the video movements were very profession.

  3. The think the music video was filmed rather professionally and managed to capture my attention right to the end. Beautiful

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ It kept me glued to the monitor through the whole thing


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