Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Transformers Generations Cliffjumper

This week we have Transformers Generations Deluxe Class Cliffjumper.

I picked this up as I thought it was an awesome concept design vehicle. I usually don’t go for cars, but it was cool with the yellow swords in each arm. Did find later that there is a Bumblebee that has the same design that was done earlier. Not sure I like that, but does save them on manufacturing.

Opened up the package and noted the one foot of the figure was missing something. Didn’t think anything of it as thought, maybe it was that way. Was I wrong on that account. Seems my figure was missing a ‘shoe’ for his foot wheel. I was a bit pissed as this is something I would not if expected. It could stand without it however.

Okay, let’s look around, maybe the damn thing fell off - wrong. Let’s check the cats, could they of found it before me and had a new play toy. Nope, on that account as well – FUCK! Last resort, tried to check Hasbro website to see if they had an area for missing parts. Nothing noted for Transformers parts – 3rd Strike and YOUR OUT! Back to the bench for you!

Not accepting defeat, I wanted to see if this was an needed part for transforming to a car. It did show it was needed, but let’s try to see if it REALLY is needed. Turns out, it would transform with no real issues. Couldn’t get the damn left side of the car door to completely set, but oh well.

Decided to drop this in my son’s lap as I hate not having complete parts :P he didn’t care as it was ANOTHER TOY!

Here are some photos anyway as my son liked it and he made it ‘Dance’ – LOL :D

I just hope I don't get sued as this looks so much like Saturday Night Live dance steps by John Travolta.

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