Sunday, January 29, 2012

DC Rushton’s 'Spot the Loonie' Game


From DC’s, “Ying/Yang Trunk”, of “Old VHS/DVDs”, I found this almost forgotten moment from the San Diego Comic Con 2010. With the last name of RUSHTON you know it is a “British” name. In a SUDDEN, “Ancestral ”FLASH BACK”, I was inspired! (God Buddha no. Not again) I shall present it to you my Readers, MONTY PYTHON STYLE!

Today Guest “LOONIE”, comes from the USA, San Diego Californian. A committed Cosplayer, Science Fiction Writer, Committed to the “LOONIE BIN” too many times to count, and has been “Certified” by United States Veteran Administration as a, 100% “LOONIE”! Please Welcome… ME! Yes me my Readers, ME! As you watch the following Video, best keep a sharp eye out for me. Are you READY? GO!

Well did you “SPOT THE LOONIE”, ME! Good for you. I hope you Readers Enjoyed our “LOONIE” game, and a moment from The San Diego Comic Con 2010.

Your LOONIE “Priest of Tao”, DC

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