Thursday, February 23, 2012

DC Rushton’s Toy and Figure Review #5


From the “Grave Yard of Broken Toys and Figures”, I rescued this “JEM”!

No box or anything but KANEDA, his Military issued Laser (no power pack), and his Bike. OH THE IDEAS I HAD AT THAT MOMENT! I am one for PROPER, REAL LIFE displays. And I must say “I KNOW! For I am a Old Veteran of Kawasaki’s KZ-650CC, KC-750CC, and KC-1000CC…FOR 20 YEARS… Where else would that be? THE FREE WAY! We all came back from Viet Nam, and bought motorcycles for our “P.T. S.”… (problems) So that is why I decided for black asphalt base. Now there was a white freeway lane lines before I took these pictures. I REMEMBER PAINTING THEM. They were a pain! You can see where they are.

On the bottom through the Engine Oil Pan, a small holes in the shape of the letter “T” was drilled. This is where Fine Gauge Drill bits from my Aircraft Days come in VERY HANDY. Next, with a 1# Ex. Knife, I carve out the “T“, sides . One can NOT BE TO CAREFULL! A fine Pan head screw was “Head Checked“ for a proper “LOCK FIT“. The Lock screw was then drilled and threaded into the base. After many test fitting, the Bike Lock into place TIGHT! The final touch was the “Kick Stand”, down and lock position, held back, by a small fine screw, painted black, to hide it’s presents.

Now for OUR MAN! I place the Military Laser on him “Biker Shot Gun” style. (DON’T ASK!) Positioning his hand on to the bike was hard, but worth the time. I then Epoxy his boots into place. BOOM!

AND THERE HE STANDS! You are now ready to KICK some CLOWN ASS in the streets of Neo-Tokyo with Kaneda, Tetsuo, and rest of the Capsule Motorcycle Gang. Hope you enjoyed my Toy and Figure Review series as I have. There are many more to come from… “The Grave Yard of Broken Toys, Mecks, and Figures”.

DC Rushton


  1. Cool Akira figure and his bike. I watched the OVA when I was a teen. Have some memories of the futuristic as well as the violent. Nice catch!

  2. It is crazy what you can find laying around - he rescues them and sets them up on cool stands.


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