Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Transformer SkyHammer

Love it when you go gift shopping and get yourself something as well. This was from the Mechtech Weapon System Dark Side of the Moon Series. I happen to love aircraft transformers and this one was no exception. You have the Autobot Transformer Skyhammer which is a helicopter. My son has and older Transformer helicopter called EVAC which was also an Autobot.

What I found really cool was how the propeller was the chest plate. The blades bent around to the back which was a great design idea. I thought the Gun/Sword weapon was a so-so add-on. I think they could of done better as you will see later in the review. This is an Intermediate Level toy, but I was able to figure it out without using the instructions. Did take a little brain power to transform it, but was able to master it.

The drawback was the damn external weapon. To get it to flip to a sword, you have to push on the button in back. Nice spring action, but does not lock into place. Not really a good design and I would of liked it to lock so I could slash at my enemies. It also sits on the top of his wrist and is not a hand held weapon. To me, this is another drawback of the weapon as it makes him look bulky.

I did like the color scheme on this and how the jet boosters hid the hands. The only weapon is that oversized gun/sword, but this is the way it is in this series for all these figures. The tail of course splits to be the legs and the arms are hidden in the body. I think the split cockpit showing the yellow glass on each shoulder is really eye catching. It kind of reminds you of a football player in the over all design.

4 Revolving Shots Close-up Shots

Transformer Closeups

Helicopter Mode

Crazy Fun Pose

btw: YES, I gave it to my son who was nagging the hell out of me if he could have it. Sheesh, what a sucker I am to give in to him on these.


  1. You are not a sucker bro, but a great dad who gave toys and happiness to your kid. The TF seems complex to transform. Is it a leader class?

    1. He seems to get too much of my stuff at time :D

      No, it was just an Intermediate Level, but the chest/blades was a bit hard to get working at first.


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