Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DC Rushton’s Toy and Figures Review #5


Can you help me? I have lost all my memories. From what I have heard here in my new home, I was in a dark hot storage unit for years. The first thing I remember was warm sun light shining down on me. I realized I was at the bottom of a wet, nasty, cardboard box. My little heart all most broke. AM I A BROKEN TOY? LET THIS NOT BE… NOT THE TRASH! I began to cry. Large caring hands dug deep to free me. Suddenly I was staring into a very hansom man’s, blue, but so sad, eyes.

“YOUR NOT TRASH“, my unknown savor said to me, looking into my eyes. Turning me over and over again, he inspected me. “Scratched, dirty, but just a little, T.L.C., you will be BETTER than NEW, after I’m done.” I DID CRIED THEN! He placed me on the dash board of his big red truck, named: The Red Toy Dragon. Kissed his Ex-wife, KISSED ME, and she thanked him for clearing out her old storage unit. We then drove to our new home.

I was washed, scrubbed with tooth past and a tooth brush, and fan dried. That night I received “MY FIRST MAKE-OVER”! My peril pink kimono was repainted House Gloss Red, with Enamel model paint. My blue sash and trim, as well as my sandals, were repainted House Gloss Black. He said to me, my label and box were missing. “I NAME THEE… THE RED LADY!”, he said as he hot glued me to a stand he had made while I dried. I am a STAR around my new home! Many places I have been displayed here. He had a contest for “WHO WILL BE CENTER STAGE?”, in his work bench/bedroom. I WON HANDS DOWN, over “RYOKO”! (and she has BIGGER “T + A”, than I DO!

Well here are a few pictures of me in my Lord’s, “OTAKU CRIB”, as it is called.

Have A Wonderful Life Like I Have Now,

The Red Lady

Not that I really need to know any more, but does any one know who I am, and what series I am from? 


  1. Sorry bro, I got no idea on this but it's nice. Maybe Inuyasha or Tenchi, I don't know. Well, as long as it's nice. I have figures which I don't know but awesome looking.

    1. You have some great suggestions and I have to agree with them both.


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