Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Masamune Shirow Solid Box

Here is one of the greatest items any Masamune Shirow collector should own. It is simply known as the 'SOLID BOX'. I apologize up front as this will be heavy with pictures.

This originally was selling for 13,333 yen (about $171 USD). It was a hard item to get and is even hard to find today. I have actually had this for a couple years and just the chance to photograph it. When I picked this up off of eBay, I was lucky enough to get it for only $125 USD.

This plain exterior hides a treasure trove of lovely items from his series Ghost in the Shell. Here are the shots of the exterior and interior boxing.

You even got a printed note from Shirow about the box. I just wish I could read the damn thing. If anyone can translate this, I would be quite happy to know what it says.

In this great box, you get several items that you can see below. You don't just one, but 2 Fuchikoma's (Tachikoma) and everything is in silver. I will do a more detailed photoshoot of the clear version of the Fuchikoma later in this post. Here is the list of items as noted on the box top and then the photos.
  • Book 01 ~ The Ghost in the Shell ~ B5 size
  • Book 02 ~ Manmachine Interface ~ B5 size
  • Poster ~ Manmachine Interface ~ A2 size
  • Minibook ~  Manmachine Interface ~ CD size in a CD case
  • Clear File ~ Manmachine Interface ~ A4 size
  • Action Figure Fuchikoma ~ Clear Plastic Type

As you can see, you get a small color insert showing some of the artwork. Though only a size of a CD, it is packed with colorful illustrations.

Here are some of the interior pages for the 2 books (in Japanese of course) of the Ghost in the Shell series. It is just cool have a silver hardcover edition of these now.


As promised, here are the detail shots of the Crystal Clear version of the Tachikoma.


If you can get your hands on this - DO IT! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for any GitS's collection.


  1. Now that is one ultimate GiTS collection. I haven't watched GiTS in ages honestly, but I always liked the tachikoma.

    1. It is one of my more prized parts of the collections. It hardly sees the light of day though :(

  2. Really packed with some solid stuff there! Nice to hear that you got it at a discount! This is a nice collection...

    1. I am seeing that there are some kits now with different colored Tachikomas like my Black one. I have seen them in Red and Gray - WTF!


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