Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheap Manga Haul

A week ago my wife wanted to go to Wonderbooks. This is a local book shop that deals with discontinued and new books. It is kind of a Book Flea Market if you will with rows of wooden shelves full of books. They also have movies and games, but we don’t usually scout that stuff.

I and my son usually head for the manga section each time we go. We had some difficulty finding it this trip as it seems that they moved some books around. Luckily, my wife found the sections and we started to look. Now the hard part of this is that they have mixed and match books. Since I am sure that they buy in bulk from other sources (like Borders closing), you don’t have a big selection. The other part is finding a complete series or books in a consecutive numbered order. You can find, Volume 1, 2, then 4,5 and so on. Usually if I or my son likes the series, we will try to find the missing copies on Amazon.

What I found humorous this trip was that they have some Preview catalogs for sale in the Graphic Novel area. Now if you aren’t familiar with these, they are large magazines that are sent out to comic shops and other similar retailers. They are sent by Diamond Distributors for showcasing what new comics and merchandise are coming out in the next couple months for you to order. I am not sure who would want these as they don’t have any real value as they are just a large catalog.

I actually found 3 sets of manga I wanted to get, but decided on one after reviewing them. I got Onimusha: Night of Genesis volumes 1 and 2. These are retailing for $12.95USD each, but I got mine for $0.95 and $2.95 respectively. Not bad getting $26USD worth of books for $4USD. I will do a review of this at a later date.

My son picked up Et Certera volumes 1-4. For his series, they ranged from $2.95 - $5.99. Not the best pricing, but not bad for $9.99USD books. I actually found volumes at different price points, so I checked them all to get the ones at a lower cost. He has already asked me if I can look to see if there are any other volumes after the 4th one on Amazon.

I am glad that I skipped the other books as we found out there was a special in September. If you bring in a can good, you can bet a buy one, get one free on all your purchases. My wife is excited about this and I know where we will be going this weekend.

Do you have any shops around you that have these sorts of deals?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - we have both already read them all :D He is already asking me for the rest of the series

  2. Didn't know Onimusha has manga, thought there was just game. Interesting!

    1. I think it is only 2 volumes and from the looks of it, was suppose to get you to buy the game.


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