Thursday, September 27, 2012


San Diego Comic Con 2012 ~ Day 3#/Part 2#

My heart is now as heavy, as the day my Father passed on. I make my way from the Convention Center, to the Hilton Bay Front Hotel across the trolley tracks. Protesters rants are met with a Japanese Samurai’s DEATH GLARE only. Even the Protester’s Bull Horns, turn away as I march by. For I am on my way to: “Tribute to the Legendary Ray Bradbury”, my, “Intellectual” Father. The memory of that day at the 2000 Comic Con. The day when at the foot of, “The Dean’s” wheel chair, he deemed me a “Writer of Science Fiction”. He then hand me my, “Author Bio., DC Rushton”. He had signed it with a grade of “A+”, and said: “Let this be your diploma David. Do what you love, and love what you do. Paint with your words a picture in the reader’s mind your soul’s story. One day I am sure, you shall be plucked from, “The Slush Pile”, and you will be PUBLISHED!” (Forgive me for I must pause.)

“Hey Ying/Yang”, someone calls out to me. It is a wheel chair bound lady, and her friend, I met once, waiting to meet the Dean. “Bradbury Family”, is all I can say. We hug. Tears flow. We share memories and thoughts. “I thought of YOU, the moment I heard our Dean had passed.” She said to me. “Let us give water on to the dead.” I say and hold my water bottle before me, and pore a little on the ground, and speak the Dean’s name. “BRADBURY!” They follow suit. Two complete strangers we have never met saw us and joined our group. “BRADBURY!” A cop on his duty walks by, paused, and said: “BRADBURY!”

The Tribute to Bradbury was more of a “Celebration”, of the Dean’s life. On the panel was his biographer, San Weller, with Margaret Atwood, Joe Hill, Mort Castel, friends, and fellow authors. It seemed that even though the Dean was ill in failing health, he was planning on promoting the book and had planned to be here today. Each member of the panel spoke on how they discovered our Dean. Bradbury is one of those, “Gate Way Authors” that interest your reading and make you want to read more of his and other author’s stories. He was NEVER one to say: “Find your target audience.” The Dean favorite Quota was: “Do what you love, and love what you do. Everything else will fall into place!” At the end of our hour and a half of sharing and were filing out, my costume caught Sam Weller’s eye. I made it over to him at the stage and could only choke out a thank you. He said to me that he remember me and the Dean’s relationship. And that he saw to it that my “Thank You” letter of “Inspiration”, and Blurb from my novel he INSPIRED me to write was included in his person papers for the ARKIVES! I cried.

With Honor Duty Done, (and gut growling) it was time to… “COMIC CON PARTY IN THE GAS LAMP”! The main street of the Gas lamp has been sectioned off for foot traffic only. It’s Cosplay, “See and Be Seen”. Cosplaying my way over to the “Defiance Café”, (just to be… IN DEFIANCE of REALITY), for dinner. Fine food here, Sports Bar, fellow dinners, and Fine Waitresses! Prices were a bit much, but who cares. Thank You my Brothers of my Club back east. At the bar I raised a wrist with beer in their honor. Then it’s back out for more “Comic Con Cosplay in the Gas Lamp”! Following here are just a few of the moments I had and wish to share with you when you Cosplay Party after Dark at The San Diego Con!

DC Rushton

Sorry for late reporting, but we will quickly catch up :^D


  1. DC, envy you by those great companies... It's like an everlasting party...

    1. He gets to meet some great people at these cons :^)


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