Thursday, October 04, 2012

Making Anime Wallpaper - Infinite Stratos

It has been a seriously loooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I did these. For some reason the feeling came over me to make some wallpapers for my desktop.

I have a 24" and 20" screens for my computer. It sometimes sucks not to have both 24" as the same wallpaper doesn't work in the same way. I even found some wallpaper that spans across the entire screen which is okay. It kind of cuts off the picture funny and isn't good symmetry (Death Kid would be mad at me for this).

I digress, so lets get to what I did> I can't remember what the hell I was looking for, but I came across some cool mecha girls. They were on a white background, so I know that I could do something fun with them. This is where my urge for a new background was formed.

When I figured out they were from Infinite Stratos, I started digging for more stuff to help me create these. I decided ton tackle then Shenlong Mecha which is piloted by Fang Linyin. Here are the raw files I used. If you want these files in their larger format, let me know. I can send them to you via email as I condensed them for the blog as reference.


I pulled them into Photoshop and started to build a new wallpaper (1920 x 1200) for my desktop. The top 2 jpg's were used as backgrounds. I like the fact that one was serious, while the other was more playful. Sorry, no ecchi background as I couldn't find one with just her - lol.

Though they have similar forgrounds, there were some minor tweaks to them. Here are the final version (full size for download) that I made using the files above. If you have a different screen size and want these for your desktop, let me know. I will see if I can modify the PSD files to match.

I also included links to the sites I remembered for the backgrounds.  I can't remember where I got the mecha file from however :(

Sources: Konachan  |  Zerochan 


  1. From the pics, Shenlonh looks more like an armour worn by the girl. I haven't watch this anime and currently using Linebarrels Miu on PC wallpaper

    1. I want to pick up the series as it has some serious mecha/girl combos.

  2. Nice wallpaper you've done there! It's nice that you chose Linyin, because it seems like that she is the most overlooked girls in Infinite Stratos; most I know choose Charlotte and Cecilia instead.

    1. I liked the colors on this one and loved her name - so I had to do her up nicely.


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