Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Gundam Force Starter Set 1

Look what you can find in the card aisle at Suncoast – SD Gundam Card Game.

Now I usually don’t get into these after I dropped mega cash on my Queen’s Blade Card game (which has now been sold off). But for $2.99 (cheaper than a pack of Pokemon cards), why not drop a little cash for them. These have been out for several years, but nothing you would usually find on the shelves here in the US.

I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of the box. You get the normal stuff, cards, rule book, playing mat and ‘coins’. But you also got some mini vehicles as well. You have the Gundam Bike, a Gundam Battleship and a Zaku Battleship. I have to keep an eye on them or my cats will think they are play things.
My son was excited that they included a couple ‘shiny’ cards in this set. I was happy to see that all of these cards did not have any duplicates. Each card was unique and no extras. I hate starter decks where you have multiples of some cards and nothing you really want. You do get a great selection of SD Gundams and Zaku character cards for the whole series. There are even a couple weapon cards to help level up your character as well.
There is a Playmat and a Rule Book to help you get started on your game. They even have the ‘coins’ on heavy cardboard for playing as well. I was disappointed that there was only one card for Bakushinmaru as I like this one the best in the series. It is just like any other collectible card game and if you enjoy SD Gundam, then I would recommend picking this up.
There were a couple of the main ‘human’ characters and a freaking scary ‘Smiling’ Captain. This card is really one that I think they should have NOT produced out of the entire set.
 Do you own any collectible card games?


  1. Whoa I'm definitely not familiar with SD Gundam Force, so this feels all new to me. The last three cards do feel a little out of place compared to other mecha / character designs IMHO.

    1. It was a good series that my son enjoyed and we have several Gunpla of. I like these types of Gundam as it fun to own and build. Not as serious as the normal line.


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