Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Top 10 Motorcycles in Anime

I decided to have some more fun with these 'Lists' and tackle another one for your enjoyment. Lets take a look at another vehicle and check out our next Big Boy Toys - Motorcycles.

I went a little overboard again on my selections. I couldn't help myself as I enjoy these rides and some were just too damn cool. Now some of these are a little more than just rides as you will see. They will not only give our peeps a cool ride, but also add a bit of extra punch if needed - literally.

Since the last shout out was so slim in the responses, I just made this list on my own. No reasons why as I feel the bikes will speak for themselves. Like before, take a few minutes for the list to soak in and then (and only then) see how well I did. I know I probably missed something, so please chime in :^D

10. Shogo Yahagi's Garland from Megazone 23.

9. Yusei Fudo's Dual Ruunner from Yu-Gi-Oh!! 5Ds.

8. Kino's ride Hermes (it can talk) which is a Brough Superior in Kino's Journey.

7. Celty Sturluson's ride Shooter (it is actually her transformed horse by the same name) in Durarara!!

6. Rin Ogata's Fuego from Rideback.

5. Priss Asagiri ride from Bubblegum Crisis.

4. Joseph and his ride Garm from Blassreiter.

3. Akira's ride from Akira.

2. Scott Bernard's ride, the Cyclone VR-052F from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA.

1. Cloud Strife and his ride Fenrir from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Honorable Mention has to go to Shiva in her Gestalt Mode from Final Fantasy XIII as this is from a Game and not an Anime.

Did I miss the marks completely on this list or leave out an obvious ride?


  1. From the list above I choose The Headless Rider or Celty Sturluson's bike, looks mysterious and cool!

    1. I do love Celty when she takes her helmet off and you just have black smoke - scary!

  2. Nice selection of motorcycles from animes of a wide timeline. I am not familiar with quite a few, especially the older ones. Nevertheless it's difficult not to include Akira's bike for its futuristic design for its time (and still is today I think)!

    1. Akira's ride is a good standby bike for many people. I decided to try to mix it up from over the years to give us olde timers something to remember :^D


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