Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toy Review: 1985 Dancougar - Land Liger

Here is the third installment for my 1985 Dancouga toy figure.

We are now looking at the Land Liger which the Lion. It was piloted by Masato Shikibu in the anime and will be the Right Foot of Dancouga.

In reference to transforming, this is identical to the Land Cougar. There are some minor differences as you will see. One of these is the mane. It actually transforms and provided more armor for the figure. Not to mention it has a dual canon turret and 2 front guns on his shoulders.

I liked this one out of the two the most. I think the extra fire power and how the mane worked was cool. You will get the chance to see it in all 3 modes, so you can make you own conclusion. I guess we better get to the photos.

Like the Cougar's robot mode, you can also see a Lions face in this figure. I thought it was a pretty cool concept for these figures.


In Tank mode, it looks omnious and more scary than the Land COugar. With the additional armament and shielding, I like the look very much. With these pictures, you can see more detail of how the feet fit into this mode.

With the beast mode, you can really see how the mane looks and fits to this figure. It really has a look of a lion.

The last single figure will be Big Moth (Mammoth) for next week post.

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  1. The chrome on the toy still remain good. Guess you might have kept your toys properly. Cool Land Liger and can't wait to see them combine.

    1. I keep them in plastic bags and in a bin. I don't want them to rust at all or loose their colors for now.


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