Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force

OMFG - will the Skylander madness ever end!!!!!!!!

If you have been napping (like I was), there is a new version for the Skylanders series. First there was just Skylanders - Spyros Adventure, then Skylanders Giants and now Skylanders Swap Force.

This series however will be the coolest yet. There will be 16 Swap Force characters where you can switch the tops and bottoms at the waist.  Yep, you can mix and match them in what is advertised as 256 different characters. The other stats are that there will be 16 new 3rd gen characters and 8 Light Core figures. They also note that 16 current characters will be in teh game and get new powers/upgrades.
The Starter box took a jump in price which doesn't surprise me. Usually the cost is $59.99 USD for a starter of either version of Skylanders now. This one however took a jump to $74.99 USD for a Starter system. You get the portal (which looks updated) and 3 figures with the game.

One of the biggest upgrade to the game is that you can now jump. Yep, seriously the last 2 games you were stuck by gravity to the ground. This should help players to add a new level of game play to this version. The only issue of course is that the new figures are not backwards compatible. All your figures will work in Skylanders Swap Force, but the Swap Force figures will not work in earlier versions. This is obvious of course, but needed to be noted.


I have no idea the price point on these figures, but I am sure my wallet will feel the pinch. The Light Core figures are going for about $12.99 USD right now. I am going to guess these will be $14.99 - 16.99 USD or higher. What is my son going to do with his allowance now? I guess extra chores will be in line to help him with this. Though this isn't coming out until the Fall of this year, I am sure I better get a jump on it. Check out this hilarious preview video:


My son has the original and Giants version at his Mom's place. I don't have it here yet for him and his friends to play. I am trying to figure if I should get a deep discounted Skylanders Giants starter ($39.99 USD) or wait and get this new version in the Fall ($74.99 USD). I guess I could also just get him to bring everything over when he comes - ugh!

What do you think?

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