Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Transformer Review: Beast Hunters Predaking 2013

This isn't your Predaking G1 Fusion Transformer as it has been quite scaled down. I have to admit, I wish I had that one as it was a monster of a combination transformer. I thought it was cool that they did keep with the color scheme of that one.

Now this is the smaller Commander Level 1 version, but I will have to pick up the Voyager Level 2 version once I find it. This review is for this smaller version as you can see. I was out at Walmart and had to get some stuff for the house. My son and myself love dragons and when I saw this, I know he would like to play with it. I will keep it here at my place so he has some to play with here.

Like I noted, the color scheme is similar to the G1 version with the Black and orange colors. Like with all Transformers, the details and painting are done with great care. There is a bit of a mix of yellow in this figure and accents it nice.

The card backer is well illustrated and even showcases this this figure on all the backer cards. The File Card that is included is actually on the inter cardboard label. It isn't that large, but it is perforated so you can easily tear it off for yourself. I have to admit that my first issue was with the instructions. They are so damn small that you would need bionic vision to read the damn thing. Each picture showing you how to change the Transformer is 1.5" x 1.25" in size. Luckily years of experience was helpful on this small figure and I barely needed it.


The figure is strapped into the plastic backer with those clear rubber bands. Using a pair of scissors quickly got them out of the way. The graphics they used for his were nicely designed and does give a bit of terror looking at them. If you look closely enough the chest plate does look like a face.

I wish they could have done more with the head/neck area as it just drops onto the back. The other part of disappointment was the weapon. I guess the spring loaded guns are taboo now due to numerous kids loosing eyes or something. The flame rocket 'clicks' into the gun and you must push with your finger to get it to 'pop' out. In a way firing the gun - manually.

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The gun actually turns into the Dragons tail which is needed. It actually counter-balances the poor thing. If you remove it, he is a bit front heavy and may tip onto his face - lol. I wish you could do more with the wings too, but either form can be restrictive.

What do you think?

Are you picking this up or the Voyager Class?

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