Friday, October 25, 2013

Anime leads to Child Pornography - WTF?

As you have guessed, this is a 'NSFW' post! Please read at home!

I know, WTF is up with this title and what are you trying to say?

Well, at least that is what some people told a friend of mine when they were talking about it. It really got me upset as they were classifying all anime using a few shows or the 'Moe' aspect of some of the series. This is the same argument that some people say about video games. i.e. Games are rotting the brains of our youth and turning them into killers. Some people just have too much time on their hands and need a better hobby.

If you look at the genre (per them), it has gone down hill due to the industry trying to entice the male population. It is the age old precedence that 'sex sells' and in my option it always will. I will be the first to say that I do enjoy seeing pantsu and then shirts being ripped so their vivacious breasts pop out. I got to see this especially in Queens' Blade Rebellion (see my review post). The sexual tension and innuendos thrown at you were over the top. There isn't any real sex in these, but what they do in this show could be in any porn movie I have seen. I will just note that Sigui techniques for opening yourself to God was a true eye opener.

What I think they may be more likely referring to is shows similar to Kiss X Sis. This showcases a boy and his 2 step-sisters that resides with them. Now this series can be seen as incest at times. The 2 sisters do get involved in this series (yes, I have watched it). If this was actually a regular TV show (real life), then this would be labeled as child porn. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but it is the truth. There are no adults doing things to them, but they really have a super active imagination about sex. If you doubt my point, then I suggest you take a look at OVA 3 (see pic).

But to say that anyone who watches anime will be into child porn is really taking it too far.  I will have to agree that pedophiles could use some anime to skirt the law. It isn't 'real' people and thus shouldn't be labeled as child porn since no children were really harmed. But that is also a way to stretch the real issue of depicting what could be conceived as underage children engaging in sexual acts. Here in lies their argument:

If you watch and/or get excited/turned on by viewing 2D characters, then what is to stop you from the 3D (real) version?

We start needing a Psychologist at this point of the conversations. I am not one, so I can only give you my opinion on this. I have watched anime since the 1980's and this thought has never crossed my mind even once. I watch anime for the enjoyment of it. But we all have our own view of right and wrong. What is just fantasy or entertainment and what is reality. Here is where we as individuals need to draw the line. It is up to each person, their mind set and what they do with it.

Confession: Yes, I have watched anime porn and I have enjoyed it. Does it give me pleasure watching it, I would be lying if I said it didn't. Do I go out looking for people that resemble them, ummm, NO! That would be wrong on so many levels and not my style. If someone I was in a relationship with want to play 'dress up', then that would be done between 2 consenting adults. No where in my mind would I be ever thinking about a child - just disgusting.

Let me give you another situation, have you ever gone to a strip club? At these venues there is a real person giving you a wondrous show and within arms reach. Do you reach out and touch them, do you try to interact with them physically? HELL NO, as your dumb ass will be beat and thrown out into the streets within minutes. This is because you know the limitations and you don't cross them. Do some people do it anyway, of course, but only a very small minority of them. So to say that all people who go to strip clubs are pervs isn't a very true assumption.

What I found interesting is that some of these people also enjoyed comic books. I don't know about you, but it seems Archie Comics have been sexualized for decades. How many times have we seen Betty or Veronica in a sexy outfit trying to get Archie to be their boyfriend. These are children (in High School) and this series has been read by kids of all ages. Don't even get me started about the Teen Titans (word 'teen' means underage). I remember Starfire in that skimpy swimsuit of an outfit kissing people so she could understand their language. What about Power Pack which is all very young kids in spandex jumpsuits (thanks Marvel). Should we now say that Comic Books lead to Child Pornography as well?

I have written to damn much to even get into cosplay. I just want to say that I have past relationships play dress up and we had fun. Does having your significant other dress up like a school girl means you secretly want to have sex with one? I will say with much prejudice, it DOES NOT! What part of Fantasy can't you understand. Halloween is around the corner and I am sure there are several costumes that could give the wrong impression about you.

I have come to learn in life that 'Perception is Reality'. What we are thought of as a person may not reflect who we truly are. The sad part is that won't stop people from making their own perceptions of you.

With that all said, it is now up to you to render your opinions on this. I can't wait to hear from all of you.

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