Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review of Lineage II: Chocoochi Mini Figures

What a nice little collection of Mini Figures in this set by Orchid Seed. You get a Dwarf, Dark Elf and Kamael. I only got this set because I have Kamael and the Dark Elf (brown skin) on per-order (XXXX-company name). I picked these up from Robert's Anime Corner for about $72.00 USD. I should have waited as Amazon has them much cheaper x^(  They all came with an optional face to switch out and weapons for each.

These had stunning details in the clothes for such small figures. Even the accessories were well done and nicely done. I had a hell of a time switching the heads, but did that for this review. In fact, I kept the optional faces on the Dark Elf and Kamael as I liked them better. The weapons were well detailed for their size as was the outfits for these figures. The only instructions you get are for the weapons. Some of them had to be taken apart and then reconnected once you got the sword handle through the hand. Thought not everything went as designed when putting these together.

Noted issues with these figures:

1.) I had a bitch of a time getting the holder into the back of Kameal and the Dwarf. I actually had to take a small drill bit and used that to make the opening more accessible. If not, I know I would could have cracked the 'L' part of the stand.

2.) The heads take some strength to take off and put back on. I was surprised the by the amount of force I needed to switch them out. Make sure you remove any accessories before switching the heads as you will see later in this post.

Lets get to my photo shot of these characters. I put them on a stand where my window looks out at the oak tree. I think it made an awesome backgound and was quite happy with that. Here is each one with a brief description.

Love this pose and the dual swords. The pose is perfect for her as it shows her ready for battle. Wind tossed hair, legs spread and set to spring into action. I liked her with her mouth opened for this figure as it seems like she is doing a battle cry.
 Here are her faces :^)

Elegant pose as always for this figure and quite expected. She has an air of authority in this stance. I liked this figure wit her winking as it is so damn 'kawaii'. However, we had an accident with this figure which pisses me off. While taking the head off of her, I forgot to remove the sword. Once I had the head off, I saw that the sword blade was cracked in half. Super Glue got it back together, but still sucks. The photos are of it prior to the break.
 Here are her faces :^)

What a fun loving character and really shows that off in her pose. I think this one was ready to cast a party spell or something. I won't have a full version of this figure, but will be nice to showcase with the others. The optional face was one of 'FML, I screwed up again' look. Not one I really liked, but worked well for a shot later in this post (heehee).
Here are her faces :^)

Now I tried to do a pantsu shot of the Dark Elf, but she swung her swords at me the entire time. Kamael, well, lets not go there this time. The Dwarf on the other hand was a bit more easier to shoot. Though she was a bit miffed at me as you can tell by her expression - LOL.

What are your thoughts on this group - are they on your wish lists?

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