Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sazae-san goes Digital

What a true sign of the times and a step away from tradition. It has been reported that from now on starting this month, Sazae-san will be digital. For those not familar with this show, it just happens to be the longest running televised animation in the world. It all started on October 5, 1969 when the first episode aired 44 years ago. If you have access, you can catch it running on Fuji Television Network. 

Like all great anime, it did start out as a manga. It began on April 22, 1946 and lasted up to February 21, 1974 with a wonderful ending (Sazae cracking an egg with 2 yolks). What is even more interesting is that the main character is female. and very strong willed. Something that is quite the opposite when you think of Japan during that time. It depected what could be called a traditional life in Japan through the Fuguta and Isono families. Though I am sure Sazae kept it all but that at times - LOL.

It seems that the digital age is here to stay and we will loose a wonderful art form. I will miss the possibility of getting an cel from my favorite anime. I guess I better hit the net and see if I can find some that won't break my bank.

How do you feel about the animation studios now going digital?

First Episode (in Japanese)

Source: Japan Today | Wikipedia


  1. Seeing cel animation going is a little saddening. It is a time consuming process, but one can see a lot of quality work behind it sometimes. It's amazing to see how long Sazae-san has been airing for, and it really stands up to the tests of time.

    1. It was an art form weither or not people think that. It is one that takes a quick and steady hand. it will be missed for sure.


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