Saturday, November 09, 2013

Please Read the Posted Signs

"Welcome to 2old4anime's INSPIRATIONAL SIGNS"

Each week here, I (D.C. Rushton), shall be presenting 5 Anime or Cosplay signs for your Enjoyment.

Make You Laugh, or Just Make You Think!

My Readers On this week end, may we all take a personal monument to be grateful to the Warriors of our Armed Forces who protect our Freedom When you see or meet a Active Duty or a Veteran, Do this:

Thank him or her, for their . . . SERVICE FOR OUR COUNTRY!"

Sgt. DC Rushton, USAF.Retired


If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment here. I love fulfilling the requests of our Readers - YOU!

Until next week, "Please read the Posted Signs". Please Read the Posted Signs!


  1. Nice pics attached. I'm a fan of war movies and felt for those valiant men in arms.

    1. It is hard for us to remember them as they are forgotten so quickly. Lets home that they are always remembered!

  2. Sorry for being late to this post. Nice pictures for remembrance. The last once struck me the most.

    1. That last one is a tear jerker for sure. It really shows that the friends made in war will be remembered.


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