Friday, January 10, 2014

Philosophical Life of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

It is an older series that I picked up and have rather enjoyed. There is some fan service, but that isn't what drew me to it. I could do a review that everyone is expecting about the series. I want to actually take this in a different direction however. I want to review the carefree life of Tylor. Before I get to that, if you want to understand the series in more detail, check out Wiki

Justy Ueki Tylor is someone most of us would rather be in life (in my opinion) at his age (20 years old) or any age. He wants the 'easy life' and take the simplest route possible. Not looking for fanfare or the road to quick riches, he just wants to make it to retirement. Kind of the minimalist of men in that regard. Always in a good mood and never takes life seriously. Confrontation isn't on his agenda and he avoids it if at all possible. But if he has to deal with an issue or person, you can be guaranteed it won't be what you expect.

So how in the hell does he get to become Captain of the destroyer Soyskaze? Well, this is actually by accident after stopping an attempt to kill a retired UPSF admiral. He was in the right place at the wrong time and made the 'right' choices. I can't say the best possible choices, but still in his unique style, he does the impossible. This is the story of Captain Tylor, doing the impossible with a slacker attitude while the whole time upsetting as many people as possible. Loved by some and hated by all in that regard as well.

I guess hate is a heavy term, but there are several points in the series where his crew wanted to kill him. He even had the current UPSF Admiral and higher ups in a love/hate relationship with him. Part of the fun of this series was the interaction of the crew with the Tylor. Everyone didn't get his laid back nature and this caused more issues than naught for his crew. How can someone be so cool under pressure while in a battle and not seem to care at all. In fact, instead of fighting, he just surrenders without firing a single shot in one episode.

He did things his way which made all this chaos possible. He never got mad or upset and would always laugh at the situation. When he did his quirky smile, you knew the gears were spinning and he had a plan. Though NO ONE ever knew the plan was and this caused issues at times. I think there was even a mutiny at one point or two. In the end, they discover his ideas did work or had merit, though with a disastrous outcome in most cases. No matter the job or operation, he managed to make it out on the right side of the win. He seemed to ooze 'Dumb Luck' in every episode I watched.

Like all anime, there are several love interests in Tylor's life. He however never lets on which one his is. I have a feeling however that it is Lt. Commander Yuriko Star. She is your normal hard to get woman and never gets why Tylor does what he does. It aggravates her to no end, but then we do see her turn around to him, but then smack him in the face (get the love/hate relationship). Then you have Princess Azalyn (enemy) who has fallen for him. She even gave him the nickname Pacco, Pacco. She is infatuated with him as well which leads into that wonderful love triangle in anime. Hell, it got to the point that he had every female shipmate coming to his place to show their undying love for him. Even the twins wanted to be his lover. But in the end, he ignores them all as he had a more pressing issue to deal with (stopping a VHS tape from being erased).

What I got out of this series was that you need to slow down. Observe life, take it as it comes and enjoy the time you have. No matter the circumstances, it will work out in the end, though it may take a couple episodes. Anger and hate are a waste of energy. Love and happiness is what we all should be striving for in life. I guess it just goes back to something I remember - 'Keep smiling not matter the issue as it makes them wonder what you are thinking'.
To wrap this up, for a fun time and a great marathon series, I HIGHLY suggest you look this up. It has a little bit of everything we love about anime in it. I just finished the 26 episode series and next is the OVA's. Those are 6 months after the series ends and am sure to keep the laughs moving forward.

Drop a line and let me know your thoughts. I need to kick back and take a break again - ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Pretty light-hearted anime. I'm gg for for more serious action mecha anime lately like Yamato 2199...

    1. It is an easy going anime, but it does have some nice action scenes at times. Yea, not as much mecha, but the ships are cool and remind me of Yamato and Macross sometimes.


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