Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Robotech Valkyrie Fan Project Update

You have to admit, for a Fan Project, this is pretty spectacular. This isn't your run of the mill hand held video camera and some special effects. I have to give them high praise for taking this on and doing a professional job with it.

So far this has been going on for 3 years by writer Jorge Luis Sucksdorf and directed by Cesar A. Turturoo. This has been filmed in Argentina, so it is in Spanish, but there are subtitles for us in English and Japanese. You can check them out on Facebook if you can like and follow their progress.  They also have some nice shots of the movie and some of the places they have visited there.

I have added the YouTube videos that they have made so far. This way, in case you didn't catch the first one you can and then follow up with the second.

Episode One

Episode Two

Source: Anime News Network


  1. Thx for sharing! I watched the 2 episodes from your link. No Eng sub but it's cool! Great effort there and hopefully it got glorified and eventually adopted as Hollywood movie in future...

  2. I am hoping something comes of this as well. It took me a minute to find the subtitles - you actually have to go to YouTube and view it so you can see the 'CC' to get to the subtitles :^(


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