Thursday, February 06, 2014

Frozen in Time in Maryland

We had an ice storm the other night and I woke up to everything covered in ice and snow on Wednesday. In Western Maryland, we are on the other side of some mountains and we usually get more snow storms. This one was a mix of snow, sleet and rain. Because of that and the low temperature, we had a lovely coat of ice on things. They actually closed up today due to the ice conditions, so I had a day off to take some cool shots.

Here is the shot outside my apartments and one of my car. It took me a little time to remove this, but warming temperatures helped. My car is clean for work and it also removed all the salt residue. The trees were all ice covered and they looked all sparkly.
I guess you can say that this caused life to be frozen in time. I was amazed by all the things that these covered and how cool they looked. It shows just how beautiful ice can be. Seeing time stopped for a bit and covered so you can still view it. Everything had icicles and nothing escaped being encased in ice. Here are some very nice shots showing this.
Now there is a bad side to all this beauty. Ice does weigh down branches of the trees. I heard cracking limbs when I walked around taking shots with my phone. We even almost lost some power lines as they bounced off of a branch that got heavy. When I was near the Pine Trees, I actually witnessed this happening. I heard a branch cracking and then saw it fall. This is harder on these trees as the pine needles hold more ice, thus adding the additional weight.
Do you have any chilly weather in your area this past week?


  1. An interesting pics for me cos I live in a place where its summer all year around. The icicles formed around the buds looks beautiful. You did mention of some hazard so do be cautious and take care...

    1. We are getting another storm here at Katsucon and I am glad I got here today.


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