Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Build: Gunpla and Infinite Stratos

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My son decided that he wanted to gunpla on his own. He then suggest that I also build the 'girl' figure I have had for a while.

He decided to pick the SD RX-93-v2 Hi-v NU Gundam that I got him at Katsucon. He picked the AGP Revive Custom II and Charlotte Dunois for me to do. I had to make some shelf arrangements as I didn't have space for it. This is why she was sitting for so long.

He went right to work as I gave him my snippers for cutting out the parts. This was his FIRST COMPLETE GUNPLA that he did all by himself. He wanted me to make sure I said that as he was super proud of that. There was a couple issues where he needed me to open up some parts as he had to make some corrections. That however was the only help I gave as he didn't want to force the parts open. He did take a short break as to play Minecraft, but otherwise, this was all done in the same afternoon. He especially liked the parts that could be set to be 'flying' from his armor. This also came with a stand which was a nice bonus for this figure and him to setup.

I was happy that my AGP wasn't that much of a problem to build. It seems this one was a bit easier to do the assembly for. I won't say there wasn't any challenges, but nothing like the Gundam Girls. This version came with some nice guns as she uses them in the show Infinite Stratos. I could only use 2 of them, so I picked the biggest ones. I even tried to pose he like on the cover. Needless to say, I was done well before he was.

He is kind of camera shy, so it wasn't easy to sneak in and take shots. He is so funny when he gets like this, but it was even funnier how he evades me. Gotta love your kids and remember that one day all this fun may fade as they get older. Here are some of the pre-production shots. I will have to give him my camera so he can take shots of me.
I got caught sneaking a shot here of him while pretending to shoot Charlotte. He told me to move her to the other side of the table to take the shot. He is such a smart kid to make sure I didn't get another candid shot of him working -dang it - foiled again!
Here is the 'together' shot of them after we both finished up.
He wanted me to take them to the window and take some shots like I did the last time. Here is some additional shots of the final figures. It was an overcast day, so it looks kind of gray outside. Wish it was sunny and blue skies as that would have been so much better.

 "OH SON, You forgot to clean up . . . again!"
Another end to a wonderful weekend with my son even if I had to remind him to clean up :^)

How was your past weekend - any fun family stuff?


  1. Great start on SD first and the IS Charlotte is one valuable piece. The scenery ard your place are beautiful.. Nice outdoor pics ^_^

    1. He had fun as did I. I am lucky to have a large oak tree outside my window. This way, I don't have to go out in the cold, but will take outside shots when it gets warmer for sure.

  2. The SD Hi-Nu Gundam does look nice. I like how there are parts for you to display the fin funnels shooting out!


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