Thursday, May 29, 2014

Internet Anonymity, Trolling and Me

Usually I would just delete this email I got from someone with too much time on their hands. Since they took the time to write this, I decided however to give this person their infinite time of Internet Fame. Before I get too into it, let’s take a look at what I am talking about (copied word for word):

“From: "kit russl"
Date: May 25, 2014 3:53 PM
Subject: Blogspot listing

You clearly love anime despite your more experienced age and obviously don't at all think it actually possible to be "too old" for this wonderful, greatest-of-all-time medium. I commend you for that, but ask you to not be an ignorant piece of shit in the naming of your blog. Again, you clearly didn't mean anything by it and only titled it such in jest so as to poke fun at your own age, but--ftr--it is NOT possible to be "too old for anime" because the medium boasts a wealth of incredible works that are no doubt fit for anyone who appreciates quality and isn't a dumb fucking piece of shit, and for older individuals who ask for a greater deal of maturity and sophistication(or younger ones with refined taste who ask for the same), there are COUNTLESS incredible well-crafted, sophisticated and intellectual profound, compelling mature works on offer in the medium. Most older people DON'T have the artistic capacity to appreciate or ask for more emotionally challenging and intellectually profound works, and it CERTAINLY isn't just older ones who ask for such, but I'm just covering all bases.

Anime is for all ages. Don't a be a dumb fuck in suggesting otherwise, even in jest.

Anyway, I'll take my permanent leave of this fake account so whatever replies you send won't reach me. This is our last contact; deal with it. You jesting bullshit suggestion lose, my facts win

First off, let’s look at the larger issue at hand. The internet with all its vastness, gives everyone the ability to drop in their two cents without much reproach or reprimand. We can be whoever we want to be and this can be a two edge sword.

We have opinions and suggestions which we want to have heard. This is what helps us to see what others see. We don’t always see this fully and this helps us to review it from others perspectives. Sometimes it is good, but like this case, just rude. If you act like this in the real world, then you are just a bully and dummass. I hope sincerely that whoever you are, you get the attention and help you so much deserve.

I also like how they end it so as not to respond back to them. This just shows how weak this person is in their true life. If you take a stand for something, then take full ownership of it. I truly despise people like this as they don't stand up for what they believe. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Because of that, here is my response to their email. Though I understand some may think it not a good thing to do as it gives them some power. Don’t worry; I plan on stripping that down to the core for them.

Now for my response to their wonderfully written email:

Dear kit russl,

I want to take the time to thank you for writing me. I know I don’t have my email link easy to find. I give you kudos for that or maybe you just cyber stalked me which would be really CREEPY.

In life, we all tend to take things to seriously and we actually need to poke fun at ourselves. This is why I titled my blog back in May of 2006 as ‘2 Old 4 Anime?’. Note the question mark at the end, as this is the key. It pokes fun at mine and my co-writers age. In reviewing some surveys, the majority of people who enjoy this are in the 14-25 age range (MyAnimeList). As you can review, older people don't tend to enjoy or participate in these areas of entertainment. I am not sure your age range, but I am sure your MATURITY is well below that number.

I can see that you have a PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE personality (may want to review this with a certified doctor as medication may be needed). You like the site and play on words in the title, but take offense to the same. I can read that you seem SEMI-INTELLIGENT as your use of large adjectives in the email. I can’t understand why you then dive into the dark recesses and use more colorful language. It all this seems to be counterproductive to me.

I do admit that you are right as anime, manga, cosplay or any form of entertainment can be for all ages. This is the only part I do tend to agree with though. We all enjoy things in life that make us take a break from REALITY. It gives us a few minutes (about 25 per anime episode) to unwind and forget about the days headaches. Enjoy life and don’t make a mockery of it with your comments. The world doesn’t have time for this as life is too short for STUPIDITY.

At the end you note that the account used to send the email is a lie ( just like your life seems to be). I guess either your balls haven’t dropped yet or you’re on your period (depends on the gender) for such an enthusiastic email. I do believe that a famous quote sums it up best; “Opinions are like ASSHOLEs: everyone has one”. Because of this, I will take your email as it is. Welcome to the internet and let’s hope that one day you finally GROW UP into the person that others would be proud of knowing.

P.S. Like you, I used CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasize some things that need to be brought to your attention. 
P.S.S. It might be our 'last contact' as you noted, but the internet never forgets.


  1. DC here. Dan's Co-Writer. I'm 60 years old and RETIRED FROM REALITY! Back in my working days of Civil Service I was nick named "SPACE". I was always reading a SF Paperback or such. I wore it as a BADGE OF HONOR! Then in the 2002 at the San Diego Comic Con before, at the base of the wheel chair of the Late DEAN OF THE HALLS OF SF, "RAY BRADBURY", I was granted by him the title of Since Fiction. (I must pause) Now I also wear the WITH PRIDE the Nick Name: "DC 2 Old 4 Anime". It's a JEST and that's it! Get over it GUY!
    DC "The Oldest Cosplayer"

  2. I think Kit likes your blog in an eccentric way.. Lol ... It takes get effort to write to each other and definitely a true expression of thoughts. I always think we should look at things in a more positive prospect AGE irregardless! Unless we are talking about Gundam Age?! Ha! Ha!

    1. ohhhh, now that was a bad pun using Gundam - shame on you :^D


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