Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Collectible Cards with a Chocolate Wafer, YUM!

Shocktress as Astaroth
I have to give a SHOUT-OUT to Shocktress as she got me into this card series ~ Shinra Bansho Chocolate.

I am an avid lover of art as you can tell my my original artwork site - Green Dragons Den. I love the styles and variety of how people vision things. I used to collect Hildebrant Brothers (still have their Marvel Masterpieces series) and Queens Blade cards, but sold them I still however have my Masamune Shirow collections (hard to give up). It seems my tastes change over time and I sell and collect cards on a whim.

But this series is one that not only wets your appetite for cool cards, but also fills the tummy too. I could go into an explanation of this series, but honestly that has already been done. Check out Shinra Bansho World blog for all the fine details as they have done a spectacular job. I will say that this has been running since 2005 and they release about 4 volumes a year (give or take). It is interesting as they release them the same month and around the same dates.For such an obscure series not to be known in the United States, it is doing extremely well in Japan. Must be the fact that it is not franchised to death like other card series.

Here is a couple shots of the outside packaging and what you will find inside.:
Some cards may look identical, but are different in the way the holofoil was done or maybe it has some added information on the back. Here is a close up of the card above showing the front and back. I hid the special code and QR code which can be used to down load more data. MY DATA - NOT YOUR DATA :^P  Even if I can't use it, I still want its power - heehee.

Now the first pitfall of these is that it is ONLY in Japanese. You won't find these for sale in the United States very often. In fact, after Shocktress sent me my first cards, I have only been able to get them out of the country. Usually via eBay or Amazon from Japan. I finally order my first box which was cool. These boxes have 20 packs in each and I was lucky to not get any dups. I am looking at getting another box soon, but reviewing if I have too many of the cards already from that series. On well, even if I did, my son would want them. He has already taken one which had a gold dragon.

Here are some other shots of cards from the series:


If you have some time to kill, check out the anime short based on the series. It is only in Japanese, but the animation is awesome.

If anyone has some laying around they want to get rid of, let me know as I may be interested in them!


  1. Sad to heard that most of these card games are mainly for Japan domestic and if it ever get to outside Nippon, the version would usually be a lot backwards... Sometimes, they are moving too fast... Nice card collection.. Enjoy!

    1. It is cool, just means I can't spend too much at once. Though I did just order another box :^)


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