Thursday, January 29, 2015

Otaku Cribs: Dominic Pratt

We got an email from someone that caught a glimpse of DC's Truck. DC has a sticker on it with our blog name and he decided to drop us a line. Seems Pokemon is where he started getting interested and just moved up from there to the lovely Super Sonico and Hatsune Miku. Without further a-do, lets have him introduce himself. . .

My name is Dominic. I'm 25 and love anime.

What captivates my heart in anime is the quality and detail. You can tell much more work is out into it than most cartoons. My favorite anime, to name a few, is Kill la Kill, Sonico the Animation, Plastic Nee-san and the Vocaloid games. Anime has something to offer all kinds of tastes!

Now he is very dedicated to the artform as you can tell by his shirt and tattoo. Can you guess who the tattoo is of and from what anime?

Lets take a look inside his crib for even more wonderful things to discover.

YES, that is a 1/2 scale model of Super Soniko standing at 3ft tall. It is the most expensive figure in his collection and we can all understand why.



  1. HEY MY MAN!
    That is not Web Master Dan.
    Thats is me me, DC RUSHTON, Co writer of our Blessed site. (see the WHO R U) Sector of the site. Drop me a E Mail. Love to have you over and check out my place of Cosplay and anime figures, just like yours!
    DC Rushton

  2. Anime gal as tattoo... That's hardcore... Nice collection of Bishoujo ^_^


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