Tuesday, July 07, 2015

LadyBaby Music Video

Yes, it has been a while since I have actually posted myself. Usually I just have the Saturday Posts by DC recently. HOWEVER, since I caught this in the morning on Huffington Post, I couldn't stop myself from sharing.

What happens when you mix a couple teen girl idols and a cross-playing pro wrestler?

Well, the answer is LadyBaby!!!

Their lead singer is Ladybeard (can you pick out who it may be in the group??).  Coming from Australia, he is not only a cross-playing singer, but also a pro wrestler. He has even given his style of music a name - kawaiicore. Here I thought that Yuichiro Nagashima was a bad ass.

I have to give this group credit for not only a fun video, but being able to give us so much of Japan in a short time. Watch the video below and see how many Japan culture/otaku references they make!

Music Video

Source: Huffington Post | Kotaku

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