Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SDCC 2015 - Busy Saturday and Yaya Han!

DC was able to make it back on Saturday, but that was about it. Due to his earlier injury, health issues and his dog Tacoma that ate some chicken from the trash can, he didn't make it back on Sunday. Good news is that Tacoma passed the bones, he CHECKED!!! - ewwwwww.

DC added a bit of flair to his cosplay this year with a silver wig. But between you and me, he looks the same :^)  HE came with his trusty bag on wheels so as to have everything he needed handy for the convention.

He did get a chance to once again meet his 'Queen' at this SDCC. Of course I am talking about Yaya Han.  Of all the things he looks forward to, it is meeting her each year. It never surprises me what he has up (or on his sleeve) for her each year. He always gets the chance to talk with her and get a couple pics taken - LUCKY DUDE!


Besides meeting Yaya, he also got a change to meet some Furries. Here is what he passed along to me:

"Met a Couple in Their Furry Uniform for Con. I know you said one. Dabs + my Card were passed. Want to see you at Lake Murry meet meet up! E-Mail me!
Saw their Meetup in The Reader. They sound Bitch'in group!"

He also got some shots for you motor-heads out there.  It seemed that Hot Wheels and DC went all out for this show. Check out the Batman/Superman car below. How many of you want to take this out for a 'Sunday Drive'?

He did meet another queen however, but did his respective duty and bowed before her.

That kind of wraps up this years fun and we can't wait until next years report!

Oh - WAIT - almost forgot the crazies that come to SDCC. Of course, we can't forget the 'Holier than Thou' peeps. Here is a nice photo of them to keep up with traditions. But DC did have some back up to keep them at bay too (second photo).

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