Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DC's SDCC 2017 Report from the Inter-Webs

My Dear Readers;

I watched with you the SY-FY Channel's live at San Diego Comic Con hour long, 3 day
coverage. It SUCKED.

Not enough on the floor coverage or outside in front of the “San Diego Comic
Con Sigh”. A trademark for our Con here. A SHAME! It got a little better the second and third final
nights. More 411s came through to us. A “FEMALE DOCTOR WHO is coming in 2018. During the
day SY-FY channel would be showing their movies of the day... Then drop a 411 on you. One example is a “Prequel” to the “Superman” series! Due in 2018.

Bad news for me. The nurse's daughter found the booth for lion's forge where Queen Yaya was to be......... No Queen, me no luck, and shit out of luck this year. I am sending her a hand written letter of missing you, and a $20.00 dollar bill to request a signed calendar of this year. She will be miss in my heart of heart's.

Drop me a drop note and tell us what you thought of SY-FY's coverage of San Diego Comic Con.

Your SD Comic Con Reporter,

DC Rushton

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