Wednesday, August 02, 2017



Sakura-Con 2012 Seattle, Washington USA Anime Convention ★ Take #2 ★ by OtakuFuel

Just what is the Comic Con experience really like. Memories, so many flow from my soul and the back of my mind.

They cause a tear to form my eye for I can not attend this year's San Diego Comic Con. The television stations run their: “Broadcasting Live From San Diego Comic Con”, on their morning news. I've all ready seen a few fellow cosplayers.

One in his “Joker” costume was caught by the camera's lens. The San Diego Union Tribune's “Night And Day” section was found by a fellow inmate here in Vista Knolls, and was given to me by him. (a fair source of Con info) The sound of those three words: “I Know You!”, spoken by brothers and sisters cosplayers in their new for the year cosplay costumes is common place, with all the, XXXX and OOOOs you can handle! It is also a family reunion, to say the lease. You check and time your meeting with some movie/tv star. Or in my case “A COSPLAY QUEEN”. So set back and have a taste of a good Con, and tell your world Cosplayers!

DC Rushton
Con Reporter for 2old4anime


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