Monday, May 18, 2009

Queen's Blade / Gate Game Books

I got a couple new Queen's Blade Game Books in from Lost Worlds by Hobby Japan. I got these at a great price of $14.50 each (including shipping). I was really looking to get Nitro (girl in black) only, but bid on Nora (girl in orange) as no one else was bidding on her.

A Player Card also comes with each volume. The main reason for me picking them up in the beginning was due the great art design. But can not deny the fact some some of the art is a bit over the top. I have since started collection the card game, illustration cards and PVC figures. They have even started airing the Queen's Blade anime in Japan. Hope it comes here to the US for me to purchase, but I am sure it may not. What do you do when a girl squirts acid out of her breasts with pink goo hands.

I had a hard time nailing it down, but here is the background history on the game:

“Once every four years, powerful women gather from the four corners of the kingdom and beyond to compete for the right to reign over the land as Queen. This tournament is called Queen’s Blade, and any female over 12 years old can participate regardless of nationality, species, or intelligence.

Battles in the tournament are without rules, and your life is on the line. The contest is one of martial skill and murderous technique, where you must fight until your opponent yields or is unable to move. Through the magical devices of the royal court wizard the combats are broadcast throughout the land, where the populace watches them with wild enthusiasm.

You are one of the woman warriors participating in the Queen’s Blade tournament. The fate that lies in wait for you could be the Queen’s throne, the humiliation of defeat, or even your death…

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