Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rosario + Vampire Episode 6

To bring everyone up to speed on this series, here is the base story. School student Tsukune Aono had not get accepted to a school as yet. He parents picked up a flyer that was dropped a mysterious person and he was accepted to that school. Upon taking a ride on a school bus with a cigar smoking driver, he ends up on the other side of a tunnel. He gets out into a creepy location and starts out an immediately to go the the school. During his walk, he gets run over by a pretty girl with pink hair on a bike named Moka Akashiya. As it turns out she is a vampire!

He finds out this is a school for Monsters and no Humans are allowed . . . EVER! He then has to hide his identity of being human while the other kids are not suppose to show their true forms in school. Besides academics, it also teaches them how to act in the human world. So as the anime progresses he ends up getting more monster girlfriends. One is well-endowed Kurumu Kurono (Succubus) and the other is Yukari Sendo (Young Witch) up to this point. In nearly every episode, when Tsukune takes off Moka's cross and she turns into her true ass-kicking vampire self and saves everyone from a monster.

Episode 6 - The Newspaper Club + Vampire
Group shot at the club meeting
Like all Japanese schools, then have to join a club. So everyone joins the Newspaper club because their teacher said it was going to be disbanded due to no one being in it. They are introduced to Gin a second classman who was in the previous newspaper club. They need a story, so they decide to try to find out who the Peeping Pervert is on school.

As with all episide, it seems that Tsukune is always at the bad end of the story. For some reason and by coincidence, he gets picked as being the pervert (it actually Gin who is also a werewolf). So Gin decides to get him in even more hot water and to place the blame on poor Tsukune.

Tsukune in the wrong place again
It also turns out the Gin wants Moka for himself and tries to get close to her on the roof. In pop Kurumu and Yukari like Sherlock Holms and Watson to find the truth. They bump into Gin and Moka and begin to review why Tsukune can not be the perv. As they talk, Gin screws up and in the end the girls figure out he is really the Peeping Pervert. So Gin changes to his true self Werewolf) and tries to take Moka. Tsukune jumps in and removes Moka's Cross and it is all over for the big bad wolf.

Bad move Wolf!
What ends up being interesting at the end of the fight scenes is a little bat that tells you how long the fight actually lasted. This one lasted 112 seconds before a winner was chosen - LOL!

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