Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Need Cash - Use eBay to sell your stuff

Need cash, got an anime con coming up soon or just need to pay the rent. There is always eBay!

Only screw on this are 3 things > eBay posting fees, eBay ending fees and PayPal fees. These all suck, but it is the cost of business. If you have any forums that you belong to, they usually have a Sales areas that you can use and thus save on the eBay fees.

So here is some advice from an "old" pro on posting your stuff.
  1. Research Research Research your stuff to make sure you start with a fair beginning price. One that will sell and hopefully several others will bid on as well. Make sure your pricing is a little under the lowest one on eBay before you post.
  2. Use key words throughout your auction (and misspellings). Use the name of the character, the series, the manufacturer in the description. Some people use different search patterns and words.
  3. Details - please include details. The more info the better so that they buy from you instead of some other seller.
  4. Shipping needs to be reasonable. Do not overcharge here or it any loose you a sale. I usually use the system to use exact shipping cost, then add $1.00 in handling costs for boxes, packaging material, labels.
  5. Timing before auction ends. As most people want their stuff pretty fast, I usually keep it at 5 day auction and runs partway into the weekend.
To make things easier and uploading a smooth transition, download Turbo Lister from eBay which is free. You can make templates and create all your auctions before uploading. I use it to do all my auctions. Just make sure that before you close the application, you backup the database. Trust me you want to do this as I forgot once and got screwed.

Here is my self promotion for the items that I have up for sale: Queen's Blade Cards, some anime & manga, Clamp & Gurren Lagann figurines and other stuff > Link <

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