Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wacky Stuff from Japan, Vol 8

Here is another installment of my Wacky and Fun Stuff from Japan. I know these may not all be "wacky", but what the heck, not something you will see here in the US.

I have seen blue liquor, but never blue beer. It was created by Abashiri Brewerly and called Okhotsk Blue. From the text, the wanted to try to imitate the " Sea of Okhotsk in winter romantic". It is a Malt beer with 5% alcohol and is selling at $27.63 for a 6 pack. I have to admit that I would like to give this one a shot.

They also offer a Green and Red Beer at their site (in Japanese).

We all know how crowded city;s can be. Sometimes this makes it hard to get everyone from point A to point B. I have seen building knocked down for new roads to new buildings. However, I can say that I have never seen anything like this in our city. This is a shot where the office building gives way to the highway in Osaka.

Anyone have something like this in their city? Source

Tate's got some new Japanese food in and I will be giving some feedback later in the week on what I got. But I did want to post something about something I got. I will be reviewing Green Tea Coke. They also had the Pepsi brand of Green Tea soda, but me no like PissPee - so me no get.

So my first impression was it had a nice designed label. The coloring was your normal soda color and I was glad it was not green. The taste however did leave me flat. It was like drinking Coke Zero which really has no taste. But then after a few seconds, you got the green tea flavor. Kind of weird and not something I plan to get again.

Have you tried this and what did you think?


  1. You are lucky to be able to visit to Japan.
    Have you tried to watch movies there?

  2. Oh man...that blue beer looks so refreshing, I'd fall for that silly marketing gimmick for sure if it was around here.

  3. Aye, I'm with Duckie on the blue beer gimmick boat.


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