Thursday, September 24, 2009

What grabs you when purchasing a figure?

When I was collecting early on, it was any Mecha figure I could find that would combine or transform. It was hard in the early days to get anything from Japan. I remember getting a DanCougar unit from K B Toys (toy discounter) in the early days. They actually had some of the early transforming robots directly from Japan. Never knew why they did and not Toys R Us.

Later, I got caught up in the Neon Genesis Evangelion addiction and again had most of the earlier figures. All of which I eventually sold many years ago. Then it was the Gundam MS in Pocket series and other Gundam model kits. Most of which were lost in a fire 9 years ago at our apartment.

It has only been recently that I have been trying to narrow down my likes to certain series (i.e. Queen's Blade & Yoko from Gurren Lagann). But there are so many damn nice figures that it makes it hard to keep it to one series. I have managed to keep all my Twin Tandum figures - for now. But now my eyes has caught the attention of the Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny figures. They are nicely detailed and are available in different versions. ARGH - when will the madness stop!

Ikkitousen GG - 1/8 Sonsaku Hakufu

What grabs you when purchasing a figure? - Would it be the series or the figure itself?


  1. I honestly do end up buying figures from series pretty often, I'm a huge sucker currently for One Piece, Tengen Toppa, Haruhi, and Lucky Star. I'm trying to limit how nay Haruhi figures I get now...I have a lot.

  2. Can see that your interst slowy shifted from mecha to anime babes :D. somehow i manage to control myself thanks to the price and size of the female figurines are much higher. but usually i will buy female figurine for the cuteness rather than the series :)

  3. I think its a comb of both, the series character and the figure, but also the final price has something to do. :)

  4. Aestheticism and whatever I deem to be "beautiful". After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Naturally, the completionist in me wants to complete a set. I've been leaning away

  5. hahaha, that's what happens when you're in an Uncharted game. You forget to complete your sentences, then you submit your comment to be published, haha.

    Anyways, to finish:

    ...I've been leaning away from the need to complete a set especially if I don't like or can't justify the purchase.

    Sorry about that^^

  6. @lovelyduckie > it is a hard choice sometimes for me to stay with a series.

    @B-Mecha > It is hard to pick between a well constructed Mecha with a hot bodauis babe!

    @phossil > I agree with the pricing. It is hard sometimes as I also take the shipping costs into mind. Sometimes I find a great price, but the shipping is too much.

    @Oneandonlyjem > LOL - to fast on the clicker. I find it hard sometimes to be a completist as well. Especially when they dump variant figures on top of the regulars - ACK!


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