Thursday, December 31, 2009

Apartment is Packed

Well, on Saturday, I will be having some friends stop over to help me pack. It has been a fun 9 years in Florida, but I guess it is time to move back home. All of this is due to the present economic climate - I really hope all those fucking Bank and Wall Street executive chock on their blood money.

I figured I give you a look at the old place right before it is all packed up. I have well over 100 boxes to load down stairs and into the truck. Some furniture, but nothing much as we sold most of it.

If there is anyone interested helping unload all this crap that live around Hagertowns, MD, let me know. I could use a few hands there.

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom
Living Room

Living / Dining Room

This should be fun - NOT!


  1. So are ya hooking the Cougar up to the Uhaul or going Beverly Hillbilly style?

  2. I will be hooking up the car and towing it with me.

  3. Unpacking and moving is sooooo stressful! I can't rest until I feel like the place I've moved into feels like "home". Good luck!


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