Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MY Favorite Anime of 2009

I know everyone has there opinions and may wish to add or remove from my list. These are ones that I actually got the chance to watch. I am sure there are several more that I have not seen that may be better. Well I don't fucking care because these are MY FAVORITES, so :P~~~~~~~~~

Best and Overall Good Feel Series: Gurren Lagann

This series had it all, sexy girls, fighting AND combining mecha, death, rebirth and the overall Good beats Evil theme. This show gave you a wide range of characters and played with your emotionals at any give time - who didn't cry when Kamina died?

Best Series for Girl on Girl Fighting and BOOBIES!
: Queen's Blade

If you can think of a better series for all your D&D ECCHI needs, then let me know. Not the best writing, but who was actually following the dialogue? I mean honestly, what Anime has exploding Boobs?

Best Series showing off a Sport: Basquash!

This series had everything for any Basketball / Anime Fan out there. It had beautiful bomb shells and Mecha with a devastating side of Basketball fever to boot. I am not a sports game person, but this had me hooked until the end.

Best Anime for the Pervert inside us: Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property)

OMFG - this had me in stitches while watching it. This is a perverts dream Anime come true. Where will you EVER see flying pantsu - really flying panties! I loved it when poor Tomoki gets pummeled by Sohara (violence also prevails at times) for his acts of perversion. yea - and more boobies (my theme you see in all this).

Best Anime that features Talking Animals: Nyan Koi!

Actually this is something my wife would be interested in. I started watching this and had to stop part way as I want to sit with my wife and watch. It is funny to the point where you just feel sorry for the guy that is "cursed". Honestly, a guy that can talk with cats AND has to help them AND is allergic to them to boot.

Anime that cost me many $$ and my Son loves: Bakugan

Honestly, this is more expensive than Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! card collecting. With all those damn balls that morph to mini figures and the collector boxes and binders - sheesh, I need a second job just for this. My Son actually knows and sings the theme song!

With all that said, did you have a favorite that I did not note in this list?


  1. *chuckles* none of them are my fav. Not even TTGL

  2. Sora no Otoshimono mmmmm perverted comady ill have to have a look at this it sounds good ^_^

  3. Personally I only like TTGL and Nyankoi. I'll check Basquash! later. Thanks for recommendation!

  4. Ah, I never knew you added me to your blogroll, thanks very much, I'll add you to mine in a bit. Mmmm, I've only seen like a couple seconds of Otoshimono, but want to finish it. Lol @ Bakugan. Idk....I guess I could see that. I'll definitely have to browse more of your site later mate!

  5. Yes really watched a lot of anime. Of all the ones you post, I have only watched Queen's Blade. Hee! Hee!


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