Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Windows 7 OS-tan vs Google-tan

I guess it had to happen sometime. Google has been trying to take down Windows for a long time now. Why not bring in a ringer for that.

Why is it that these damn companies don't have something this cool for everyone else in the world. I mean honestly, the rest of the world would love to see 2 Moe characters going at it for supremacy! Fuck I got to learn Japanese!

Though OS-tan is cute and has that "school girl" look, Google-tan has a more experienced "doctor" look. Who do you want doing your stuff for you? A school girl or a doctor? I guess it really comes down to your type of fetishes - meow! Oh - almost forgot, OS-tan has a cute little kitten as a backup. with Windows, so you get 2 pussies for the price of one - yea - I said pussies - Meoooooow baby!

Windows OS-tan - Nanami Madobe

In the over all view of this, I would like OS-tan to help me bootup, load my soft and hardware devices and keep me running smooth. But if I need to get some important research done and to make sure the data is pure, then it is Google-tan to the rescue. Sometimes, those little school girls don't know how to handle those long big words.


Source: Sankaku Complex OS-tan | Google-tan

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  1. Wow, this is the first time i saw google-tan. I think she need to be more refined in order to fight OS-tan.

    Let us wait for Chrome OS-tan ^^


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