Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Almost Setup

I am sorry for being off the grid for so long. I just got everything built yesterday and am almost ready to setup shop. I had my router take a crap, so I am sharing our Cable line between me and my wife - LOL.

I wanted to give you a look at our "office" as it is almost done. I need to get my wife's books back from my Dad's so she has something to put up on her book shelves. I need to get some stuff to hang on the walls.

My co-workers did make that poster using my face from the blog for the Manga Messiah. Not sure why they picked that one as I am not that very religious. I have to get some stickers for my Desktop case so I am not looking at a black wall. I also have to go to my Dad's and get my figures out of a couple boxes to fill up my case as well. Poor Risty is so alone in there.

My Desk
The good news is that there is a Borders close by and I can get my Manga from there. I just got done reading Ninja Girls 2 and am enjoying it. It is your classic lonely outcast male character is befriended by several "girl" friends, but is too recluse to really get close to any of them - but with Ninja's. Got some nice scenes of the girls fighting and some funny parts especially by his Mom's Ihai. Has anyone else looked at this?

Well I hope to have more later on as time gets more user friendly for me. I will be looking for a job full blast starting next week. Hope I don't end up as a Walmart Greeter - LMAO!

BTW - thanks to everyone who left me comments to say they were glad to hear everything was fine and wanted me to begin posting soon. I was cool to know that I have so many friends in the blog-o-sphere!


  1. I had it on the shopping list and it was a "mandatory" purchase. I wanted a couple more, but only could get one for now :(

  2. Very cool man, I hope the router turns out good :D

  3. I like the room, it just SCREAMS "FILL ME WITH YOUR ANIME TREASUES!" I look forward to another picture once you're more settled in.

  4. Great to see ur back! The office is looking very nice so far. Very cozy. Can't wait to see that case filled with figures.

  5. That's nice and spacious room, quite comfy (not until its "fully installed" XD).

  6. Great cosy place pal! Nice that you return blogging again. I see your glass cabinet is still empty. Continue to enjoy your hobby and take care.


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